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Weekly Must Reads: Giving Back to Keep Talent

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The week's top stories on the human side of talent management.

In an industry with notoriously high attrition rates, Indian tech firms may have found the key to keeping employees around longer: giving back to the local community. According to a 2014 attrition report by Jombay, Indian IT employees who participate in corporate social responsibility programs are 40 percent more likely to stay on at a company.

Read more about the benefits of giving back at TechRepublic.

3 Elements Drive Strong Employee Retention

Strong employee retention is top-of-mind for every business, but before you focus on keeping workers around, what drives their decision to stay or go? According to TLNT, it's a combination of three distinct elements.

Learn the main factors behind employee retention at TLNT.

To Reduce Turnover Paranoia, Think Like A Marketer

Breaking the news that a team member is resigning can leave other employees wondering why and what happened. Kris Dunn thinks we should all take a page from advertising legend David Ogilvy and think like a marketer, even when someone quits.

Read Ogilvy's tips for quelling fear over resignations at The HR Capitalist.

One Bad Apple Spoils the Whole Bunch

What happens when one of your most talented team members is undermining the overall positivity and productivity of the whole workplace? Letting go of a strong performer is never an easy decision, but it's often necessary for the greater good of your business.

Learn the signs for when to fire someone at Harvard Business Review.

To Survive, Tech Must Get Personal

Talent management has developed into a $10 billion software industry that shows no sign of slowing down. But HR expert Josh Bersin warns that to stay relevant and keep customers happy, the industry must become more people-centric.

Hear more from Bersin at Diginomica.

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