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The Cornerstone OnDemand 2013 U.S. Employee Report

Many employers today face the challenge of attracting and retaining top talent with the right skills to move their business forward. What motivates employees and keeps them engaged in their jobs? Cornerstone OnDemand and research firm Kelton went straight to the source to capture the employee’s perspectives and attitudes regarding performance feedback, training and development, career management, and more. The survey also gauged people’s future career plans with their employer, revealing that more than 19 million employed Americans are planning to leave their jobs in the next year. With the average cost to recruit and train one employee estimated at 2.5 times an employee’s salary, this employee churn could potentially cost U.S. employers $2 trillion. Employers can use these insights to evolve their people management strategies in the year ahead to narrow skills gaps, increase employee engagement and retain top talent.

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