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Check Out The Second Season of HR Labs, A Podcast From Cornerstone

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Check out Cornerstone’s HR Labs, a podcast that tells the stories of leaders who have seen the importance of employee development firsthand. Hosted by our very own Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Heidi Spirgi, HR Labs features executives who have mastered the art and science of development, despite challenging odds. Find it on Apple Podcasts and everywhere else you listen to podcasts.


We’re excited to announce the second season of Cornerstone’s podcast, HR Labs. A lot has changed since our first season. The COVID-19 crisis has upended life around the world, placing businesses, economies, families and even governments in uncharted territory.

Season Two focuses on the growing trend among companies of prioritizing people over profits, also known as "new capitalism." And the 2019 Business Roundtable Agreement is a notable example: 200 C-level executives from top companies like Visa, Bank of America and Johnson and Johnson committed to investing in employees, supporting the communities they operate in, and adopting more sustainable business practices. In the wake of COVID-19, these conversations are all the more relevant, since it’s the first stress-test of these commitments.

In this season’s first episode we’ll hear from Dr. Kelly Monahan, the Talent Lead at Accenture, and Mike Bollinger, the global VP of Cornerstone’s Thought Leadership and Advisory Services. By hearing their perspectives, we’ll begin to get to the heart of why investing in people is one of the best ways to maximize business value—even in a time of crisis.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 23rd for a brand new episode of HR Labs. And remember to subscribe to the show on your podcast app (or wherever you listen to podcasts) so you never miss an episode. Check out the trailer for the second season of HR Labs below:

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