Delivering on the competency promise whitepaper

Delivering on the competency promise whitepaper

23 de junio de 2020

Research shows that 96 percent of best-in-class organizations use a consistent competency model across their HR processes, compared with 39 percent of "laggards".

Competencies are ubiquitous; everybody has them and copious research demonstrates their usefulness. At the same time, there is widespread discrepancy around how to best define and structure them. Worse yet, in many organizations there is little knowledge about best practices for optimal utilization and consistent application.

Well-designed competencies spell out the specific behaviors needed for effectiveness in a given job or role. Most importantly, competencies are the first order of business. They provide a method for the organization to articulate its strategic and cultural priorities in an actionable way, by identifying the behaviors and skills needed to overcome key challenges and enable success

Why competency management matters in your organization
Competency management is a set of practices that identifies and optimizes the skills/competencies required to deliver on your business strategy. These practices also provide the foundational data to support multiple HR processes, including talent acquisition, performance management, leadership development, and succession (workforce planning).

In this white paper, the experts from Development Dimensions International (DDI) and Saba share best practices to identify required skills and integrate competencies within talent management systems. Plus, read about ways to get the biggest bang for your competency bucks.