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How Organic Valley Built a Sustainable Learning Culture

Cornerstone Editors

Mark Schroeder, HR/L&OD Technology Strategist at Organic Valley, used Cornerstone Learning and a commitment to making learning simple and sustainable to achieve great results. To drive employee engagement, Mark uses a simple methodology: engage, empower, educate. Prior to Cornerstone, the dairy manufacturing co-op based in Wisconsin had manual protocols, managing training using spreadsheets and documents, and was in search of a more efficient and engaging way to deliver learning & development opportunities to their workforce. Organic Valley experienced rapid growth from 2006-2016, increasing staff by 160%. Today, Organic Valley relies on Cornerstone for Learning and Recruiting, with plans to implement Performance.

Listen to the real-life success story about how a Cornerstone client created a one-stop shop for learning, increasing user engagement from 42% to 93%. To keep your employees from jumping ship, your company needs to LEAP (Learning. Empathy. Advancement. Purpose). In this webinar, we will start with “L” for learning. Watch the on-demand webinar below and learn how to launch a learning management system (that people actually want to use):

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