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Cornerstone Partners with InCommon to Offer Simple and Secure Product Access

Kurt Ackman

National Director of Higher Education, Cornerstone

In today's mobile world, people expect resources and information anytime, anywhere and on any device. But for organizations, meeting the expectation of constant accessibility to multiple different services is often a logistical and security nightmare. (Not to mention a headache for users, who have to juggle yet another username and password.)

That's why today, we're proud to announce a new partnership with InCommon, an identity management federation, that will enable current and future customers to provide their users with safe, reliable access to all of their applications, including Cornerstone.

Easy, Secure Access with Single Sign-On

InCommon offers a "single sign-on" federated service to a network of trusted, on-line resources—meaning users are designated with a single ID and password for vendor approved InCommon. As a sponsored partner of InCommon, Cornerstone OnDemand joins a community of more than 200 vendors whose services can be accessed through InCommon's simple authentication process.

We can now offer single sign-on as a standard service to any company in InCommon's customer base—nearly 600 higher education institutions, government agencies and research centers across the United States. Instead of issuing new IDs and passwords to everyone in the organization in order to access Cornerstone, our unified talent management services will be readily available using the same authentication as any other online, off-line or cloud applications currently provided to users.

"We welcome Cornerstone OnDemand to InCommon, joining more than 225 other companies and more than 500 higher education institutions," said Ann West, associate vice president of trust and identity at Internet2, which operates InCommon. "InCommon participation helps companies like Cornerstone focus on their core business, leaving the management of user credentials to their higher education partners."

Efficient Product Implementation

In addition to improving access to Cornerstone's products, our partnership with InCommon will improve the implementation process for new customers.

For institutions currently using InCommon, the time and effort to implement Cornerstone's talent management products and onboard new users will be substantially diminished. As Cornerstone will integrate with current security and log-in processes, new customers will be able to both test and run our products within their company quickly and efficiently.

Success at Penn State University

Penn State University, a major public research university, recently announced their partnership with Cornerstone OnDemand for Talent Management.

In order to integrate Cornerstone Learning with Penn State's existing employee resources, we collaborated with the university to join InCommon by linking our existing SAML authentication protocol to the InCommon federation. Penn State sponsored the initiatives, and provided enormous support to ensure authentication now takes place seamlessly for all of their employees.

Penn State is the first of many organizations we hope to work with to implement InCommon and improve accessibility to our talent management products. As we continue to expand in higher education, government and research, we are dedicated to working with our current and future customers to ensure ease of use and absolute security.

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