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Employee Learning Management System

Build a culture of learning and development

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Build Skills and Develop Leaders

It's time to move beyond the traditional learning management system (LMS) and reinvent the way learning and development initiatives make an impact on employees. With Cornerstone's learning management software, organizations can deliver employee compliance training, accelerate employee performance, foster social learning, and support organizational goals.

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Learning Management System

From one centralized learning management system, deliver instructor-led training (ILT), virtual learning, exams, certifications, and compliance content for developing employees.

Optimized Admin Experience

Cornerstone is committed to continuously optimizing the administrator experience to be as seamless and intuitive as possible, saving learning administrators time and increasing productivity.

Collaborative Learning

Powered by Cornerstone Connect, collaborative learning earning fosters social learning and encourages employees to share best practices, discuss learning concepts, and work together on projects — all in one place

Mobile Learning

Cornerstone’s mobile learning management system (LMS) allows employees to access transcripts, take trainings, and take courses online and offline from their smartphones and tablet devices.

Certifications & Compliance

Cornerstone Compliance solutions automate the administration and oversight of employee compliance management processes to ensure your organization is compliant with the latest regulatory requirements.

  • Learning Management System
  • Optimized Admin Experience
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Mobile Learning
  • Certifications & Compliance

The Global Leader in Learning Management Systems

Cornerstone is committed to making the LMS experience more engaging, more collaborative, and more effective for every employee.

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Improve Training Development & Delivery

Deliver targeted and structured formal training (instructor-led courses, web-based training, etc.) at the point of need, and provide collaborative tools that engage learners and enable peer-to-peer knowledge capture and sharing to extend learning impact.

Increase Employee Engagement

Create relevant, social learning programs that are accessible anytime, anywhere and build a learning culture that encourages employees to continuously invest in their own development.

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Accelerate Employee Performance

Develop a cohesive learning experience and connect employees to mentors in order to close skills gaps, enable talent mobility, and grow leaders at all levels of the organization.

Full Integration with the Cornerstone Suite

Only the Cornerstone suite can seamlessly tie employee learning and performance metrics to give executives and managers a clear picture of how learning initiatives impact organizational success.

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