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Cornerstone's rich history with AI

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AI has been all the buzz lately, and it's been exciting to watch the rise in conversations and see an influx of brand-new, cutting-edge innovation hit the technology market. We at Cornerstone are all for this AI energy! After all, AI technology has been a core part of our business for nearly a decade, and we spend a lot of time building AI and machine learning functionality directly into our products.

But the truth is, AI is only as good as the data it uses to make informed decisions. This is one area we're particularly passionate about regarding AI innovation. With over 7,000 organizations and 100 million people worldwide using our talent products, we have accumulated a massive lake of business, people and skill data. This data powers our AI-driven products to create a highly intelligent platform to help organizations train, develop and grow their people for the future.

We're very proud of our progress in AI over the years and for being an early pioneer in AI in HR technology. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane.

Our voyage with AI innovation

Early on, our founder had the foresight to invest in AI. With consistent R&D support, we have brought innovative AI-powered technology to customers for years, helping them create hyper-personalized experiences for their people — at scale. And they've come to expect this level of innovation from us.

Starting back in 2014, some of our most significant investments in AI included:

  • 2014 — We acquired a machine learning company called Evolv and integrated their data science platform into our talent management solutions, allowing our customers to leverage the power of big data analytics to make better workforce decisions
  • 2017 — We launched Cornerstone Learning, a personalized digital learning experience that leverages machine learning to curate content recommendations based on a user's interests, preferences and aspirations.
  • 2020 — We acquired a skills engine company called Clustree and integrated their industry-leading, AI-powered skills engine and extensive skills ontology into our platform to launch the Cornerstone Skills Graph. This AI-powered skills engine identifies and tracks skills across an entire workforce. This new ontology platform utilizes natural language processing (NLP) techniques and advanced embedding techniques to import, synthesize and absorb external taxonomies or content.
  • 2022 — A key component of our Talent Experience Platform, we announced our Intelligent Tech Fabric, an AI-powered engine that collects, analyzes, and surfaces skills, content and people data across our entire portfolio of products.
  • 2023 — We launched Opportunity Marketplace, which uses AI to provide transparent, personalized career opportunities and recommend career paths for each and every person. We also launched Content Studio, which uses AI and context awareness to simplify the discovery of new learning content and curate content collections.

And we’re not stopping here. We have more AI and ML-enabled features on our platform roadmap to come. Our commitment to innovation is unwavering. We want to bring our customers and their people best-in-class, cutting-edge technology that helps them grow and reach their business — and personal — potential.

Built for the new ways we work

Organizations can — and should — lean on AI to upskill their workforce and, more importantly, cultivate a culture of continuous learning where people can effectively respond to ongoing, dynamic changes.

As a pioneer in learning and talent experience software, Cornerstone is positioned to help organizations succeed through this AI revolution. With an AI engine already built into the platform and a significant focus on adding new capabilities, we're committed to helping our customers champion AI, upskill their people and navigate this rapidly evolving work. Our ethical responsibility lies in developing and managing intelligent systems that enhance human potential, foster fairness and prioritize accountability, ensuring a future where technology empowers us rather than replaces us.

Ready to revolutionize your HR practices and unlock the power of AI? Discover all the AI for HR innovations at Cornerstone to explore the future of talent management today.

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