How AI fosters the connection between what businesses need and what employees want

A viewpoint paper by Fosway

Energising, optimising and empowering an agile high-performance workforce

The research paper by Fosway Group focuses on the role of AI in fostering a connection between the skills businesses require and the aspirations of employees. Companies are using AI to bridge the gap between business skills needs and employee career goals, leveraging talent intelligence to address skill shortages, enhance career paths, increase motivation, and develop skills to retain and grow employee talent.

Skills intelligence, powered by AI, is critical for success as it helps organisations become more fluid and align people to work based on skills, not roles. In order for organisations to make continuous change happen, it's important to energise employees, give them a voice and align their skills with their career aspirations. To create a culture of "I love working here".

Discover the benefits of AI for both employees and employers, including improved career development and a more connected and motivated workforce. The future of work requires rapid innovation, flexibility, and agility and businesses need to continuously transform to meet this demand.

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