How Cornerstone customers are supporting employee career growth and improving internal mobility

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Learning is a natural human tendency.

But organizations can struggle with harnessing employees' inclination to learn and aligning it to their future workforce needs. Technology can help.

According to the Cornerstone 2022 Global Skills Report, 97% of high-performing organizations agreed that talent development solutions should improve employee growth – and that just so happens to be Cornerstone's specialty. We're passionate about learning and helping you achieve your employee development goals.

Here's how global organizations use Cornerstone to set their employees up for success and career growth opportunities.

Empowering people to take development into their own hands

When people are passionate about something, don't stand in their way. Better yet, help them achieve what they set out to accomplish.

According to our research, 95% of employees at high-performing organizations say their company shows a sense of responsibility to its employees and helps them develop their careers. When organizations invest in the future of their employees, people take notice.

That's precisely what Alstom, a multinational manufacturer, believes.

"If you want the employee to drive their own career, you need to give them the tools to be able to assess themselves and then prepare their development plan."

Generali, a financial services organization, has inspired employees by allowing "people to access learning in their own time." Employees feel that the learning experience is personalized and can "take control of their own development."

Ease of access is important, too, so employees feel empowered to learn rather than bogged down by the prospect. Amplifon, the world's largest hearing aid retailer, found this was key to adoption.

"We want to make learning fun and easily accessible. And this is important especially for our employees in the shops because flexibility is crucial due to their filled agendas with customer appointments. Therefore, we created the opportunity to learn and upskill anywhere and anytime, also online or offline, and on any device."

For 40% of employees looking for information about skill development and growth inside organizations, their skills and development platform is their first stop. In high-performing organizations, that percentage is even larger. And employees are making it clear that they want even more learning content from their employers – to the tune of 80%.

Inspiring organizations to improve promotability and increase internal mobility

Skills development and career development go hand in hand. As organizations better align to their future workforce needs, they can guide employees through their career journeys. Adding technology enables employees to chart their desired career path by seeing an integrated view of the skills needed and how it translates to internal mobility. Employees who see a future in your organization are more likely to stay.

We found that 74% of employees want more tailored, comprehensive career guidance. And that's what Interfor, one of the largest lumber producers in the world, has served up to employees with the help of Cornerstone.

"We're committed to providing employees with a career where they can grow, contribute and prosper. We set ambitious targets for internal promotions and have successfully met those targets. And we think that has a lot to do with our employee development programs.

"One of those programs that we believe help us with our success is our career development plan. That is a robust program for employees and managers to have multiple check-ins, communication, and opportunities to develop long- and short-term goals that both work toward organizational goals and their own personal development. Part of that is using the Cornerstone system to ensure that we have our formalized goals setting, mid-year check-in and the year-in-review with the incorporation of development plans as well."

Interfor's commitment spans the entire talent development cycle and all levels of the organization, including leadership.

"We also focus a lot on mobility and growth and developing our future leaders. So, one of the ways that we do that is with our succession planning, which is called Talent Review. And this is a process that allows managers to identify successors, high-potential employees, any sort of gaps on their team and really help develop the next generation of leaders."

Aureon, a business solutions provider, has found Cornerstone courses to be integral to internal mobility because employees have access to learn entirely new skills. "We've had people get promoted. We've had people change departments."

It's a win-win. Organizations can fill their current and future roles with talent that's already committed to their culture, and employees get the opportunity to progress their careers in ways they may have never dreamed up.

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