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ICYMI: Bad Managers Aren't the Main Reason Employees Quit

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Bad Managers Aren't the Main Reason Employees Quit

According to new research from IBM on why employees quit, the old HR adage "people don't leave companies; they leave managers" is being called into question. These are the real reasons they walk away.

Office Hours: How Do You Improve Performance Reviews? A VP at Fossil Weighs In

Traditional performance reviews are a holdover from the machine age, but according to James Webb, VP of global people development and engagement at Fossil, they can still be effective—employers just need to reshape the process. Watch this short video to learn how.

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Dear ReWorker: How Can I Get My Employees to Be on Time?

A small business that can't get its employees to be punctual has tried everything, including offering paid time off as a reward for on-time arrival. But nothing's working, and clients are suffering. Find out what the ReWorker recommends.

The Foundation You Need Before Investing in AI

As artificial intelligence technology is deployed across organizations, the cost of poor decision-making due to weak competency systems is likely to be magnified. What foundational elements does every organization need before investing in AI? Read on.

The ReWork Bookshelf: 5 Must-Reads From Workforce Trends Expert Ira Wolfe

From a book on how to be a better manager, to Ira Wolfe's own work on recruiting in the digital age, this list's got a mix of classics and fresh reads. How many of these are on your bookshelf?

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The 5 Employment Laws Every Manager Must Know

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The 5 Employment Laws Every Manager Must Know

Employment law is complicated and can have big repercussions for your company if employees fail to adhere to it — either out of ignorance or neglect. A talent contractor for Comcast was just forced to pay $7.5 million to settle a lawsuit over unpaid overtime — a violation of employment law. While you can't expect everyone at your company to be experts in the law (that's why you should have an attorney on retainer), your managers should be trained on the basics. Otherwise, you make your company susceptible to lawsuits.

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