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After speaking with 155 organizations across the globe to assess their skills strategies against the Cornerstone Skills Maturity Model ©, Cornerstone’s Thought Leadership & Advisory Services team uncovered three key findings:

  • Nearly every organization understood the importance of having a skill-focused organizational strategy for the future.
  • Most organizations are still in the early stages of their skill strategy journey.
  • Organizations’ top priorities for the future are prioritizing skills documentation and exploring technology’s role in accelerating their strategy, followed closely by job architecture and career pathways.

Read the full assessment to learn more about skills maturity and where to go next on your path to becoming a Skills-Based Organization.

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Mosaic Life Care takes a holistic approach to employee education

Customer Story

Mosaic Life Care takes a holistic approach to employee education

Mosaic Life Care is a physician-led healthcare system based out of St. Joseph, Missouri. With a focus on holistic patient care, they serve over 35 counties throughout Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa. Their goal is always to put patients first, treating them as the multifaceted individuals they are, rather than as a list of conditions on a clipboard. Mosaic wanted to find a partner to help them further streamline their employee education and onboarding initiatives, so they could continue offering top-of-the-line healthcare to all who need it. After almost eight years in partnership, it looks like Cornerstone turned out to be just what the doctor ordered.

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