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Dynamic strategy for competency and professional development at Blue Care

Blue Care uses Saba Cloud to develop a team of healthcare professionals and volunteers that have one thing in common: heart and compassion.

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"Saba Cloud helps us better engage our people and give them better access to development tools and learning."
Peter McMahon
Director of Human Resources

Blue Care provides age care services and allied health and community services to almost 100,000 people per year and needed develop a team of healthcare professionals and volunteers that had one thing in common: heart and compassion.

Business challenge

Blue Care needed a talent management solution to support their geographically dispersed clients, employees and volunteers to provided quick access to learning and training on a unified platform.

Business benefits

Saba Cloud enables Blue Care to provide a single dynamic and engaging platform to improve employee competency and professional development. From one place, its team can connect their employees and healthcare practitioners with training, and video functionality to link up their elder population in remote areas with their families and the team. Saba allows for Blue Care to provide personalized care and attention with always on access and support.

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