ResCare Meets Nation’s Growing Demand for Direct Support Workers Using Cornerstone OnDemand

September 20, 2016

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ResCare Meets Nation's Growing
Demand for Direct Support Workers
Using Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone's unified talent management technology system enables ResCare to hire and train thousands of employees each year and achieve business growth targets

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Sept. 20, 2016 — Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ:CSOD) announced today that ResCare, Inc., the nation's largest provider of services to people with disabilities, is using Cornerstone’s cloud-based talent management software to recruit candidates, quickly onboard new hires and deliver learning content to its mostly remote workforce. With Cornerstone’s unified talent management software, ResCare has been able to more efficiently hire and train employees to fulfill the company’s mission of helping the people they serve to reach their highest level of independence.

ResCare has a team of 50,000 employees that deliver quality residential and support services, education, vocational training and job placement for people of all ages and skill levels with barriers to employment. ResCare hires thousands of employees each year to meet the growing demand for direct support workers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for these types of workers is projected to increase by 48 percent or 1.6 million new positions nationally between 2012 and 2022. By 2022, direct support workers are projected to make up the largest occupation in the country.

Prior to Cornerstone, ResCare employed disparate talent management technology solutions that did not integrate with each other and ultimately created more work for the ResCare team. The resulting inefficient and often manual talent processes created disadvantages for the company, especially in attracting top talent and achieving growth targets.

ResCare was looking for a configurable, user-friendly unified talent management system to replace its separate solutions that would improve efficiencies, organization and administrative oversight. In 2014, ResCare signed with Cornerstone and implemented Cornerstone Recruiting, Cornerstone Onboarding and Cornerstone Learning, which has equipped the company with the technology to better meet the needs of their employees and those they serve. With Cornerstone, ResCare has:

  • Improved the candidate experience with a faster application process and easy-to-use system. ResCare treats the first point of contact with a job candidate much like a first impression. The company understands that the candidate experience is hugely important, especially in an employee-driven job market, and that a positive candidate experience leads to strong engagement and loyalty later on. Cornerstone’s modern design and intuitive user interface has improved ResCare’s candidate experience, leading to a 32 percent reduction in application time, and has enabled the company to follow through on its mission of showing ‘Respect and Care’ to every candidate.

  • Increased applicant flow by 30 percent and reduced new hire onboarding time by 35 percent. In order to meet the increasing demand for direct support workers, ResCare needed an integrated and seamless recruiting and onboarding solution to support its high volume recruiting efforts. Cornerstone enables ResCare to efficiently select qualified candidates and adequately prepare them with the training and resources they need to deliver the best care possible. Because of this, applicant flow is up 30 percent, and new hire onboarding time has decreased by 35 percent.

  • Built an advanced learning management system to increase visibility of workforce capabilities and enable lifelong learning for all employees. Previously, ResCare used spreadsheets to track training and compliance for its more than 50,000 employees. With Cornerstone’s cloud-based learning management system (LMS), ResCare is able to easily track and report on learning execution. ResCare’s new blended learning approach with Cornerstone, including e-learning, instructor-led training and just-in-time learning, equips its largely remote workforce with the high-quality, modern learning content that’s critical in the healthcare and human services industry.

Comments on the News

“After working with several software-as-a-service vendors and reviewing many other talent management vendors, we realized that Cornerstone is unique. The company has committed significant time, effort and resources into the research and development of its products, and they are constantly making improvements and adding functionality that ultimately helps us to be more efficient and have the competitive edge we need to attract and retain top talent,” said Shelly Morgan, director of HR technology at ResCare. “Not only is Cornerstone very forward-thinking and ahead of others in this space, but they also know our business and understand the challenges we’re up against. They are truly an extension of our team, and our partnership with them has been crucial to our success as a business.”

“ResCare’s approach to engaging its workforce is very similar to Cornerstone’s in that they invest in their employees as they would want employees to invest in their clients. It’s this shared commitment to making a difference in people’s lives that makes ResCare and Cornerstone such great partners,” said Kirsten Helvey, chief operating officer at Cornerstone OnDemand. “ResCare has done and continues to do a remarkable job in recruiting and training our nation’s next generation of direct support and human services workers, and we’re proud to be part of their journey.”

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