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We have created a new series of short HR and L&D sessions, aimed at giving you a selection of subjects you can choose to tune in to. In these 30-minute sessions, we will give you application examples, top tips and an insight into our solution.

This series includes five dates and five topics. Register now for one, several or all Coffee Breaks. All topics and dates can be found below.

Skills management

  • AI-based skills management at the push of a button
  • Taking the first steps towards an integrated skills strategy
  • Personalisation & relevance using skills management
  • Skills management in conjunction with learning & performance management
  • Data and analysis

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Learning Experience

  • Learning in the workplace - a paradigm shift
  • LMS vs. LXP
  • How AI and Skills Graph create a user-centred experience
  • How employees can optimise their learning experiences and connect them to their career goal
  • Data and analysis

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Opportunity Marketplace

  • Supporting employee retention with Opportunity Marketplace
  • Skills & Career Profiles - where are you today and where do you want to be?
  • How to make the best use of skills
  • Internal Mobility with the help of an Opportunity Marketplace
  • Data and analysis

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Content - Where, When, How 6th June 10:30

  • Curation - standing out from the crowd with class, what is important when and why
  • Content Studio
  • From micro-learning to learning culture
  • Walkaround in the Success Centre
  • Data and analysis

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Extended Enterprise 20th June 10:30

  • One consistent learning community for all your partners, customers, franchisees and stakeholders
  • Get your network learning and sharing
  • Content creation vs content curation
  • Increase engagement and productivity at every click

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Cornerstone Performance

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Cornerstone Performance

Tanto si realiza evaluaciones del rendimiento una vez al año como si cuenta con un proceso sólido y continuo de gestión del rendimiento, con Cornerstone Performance podrá fijar objetivos, orientar a los empleados, recibir feedback, guiar el desarrollo y otorgar reconocimiento. Vincule los datos de rendimiento y habilidades con oportunidades de formación interna para que sus empleados asuman la responsabilidad de su propio crecimiento, siempre con el apoyo de los responsables. Porque la mejor manera de invertir en el crecimiento y los logros de la empresa es invirtiendo en el crecimiento y los logros de sus empleados con Cornerstone Performance.

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