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A new era of work unveiled at Cornerstone Connect Live Chicago

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With a stunning skyline as bold as its deep-dish pizza, the industrial hub of Chicago kicked off the highly-anticipated Cornerstone Connect Live Global Tour on May 8. This spectacular event spans 14 cities worldwide, gathering hundreds of our valued customers and partners with industry thought leaders to explore the factors shaping tomorrow's workforce.

On this whirlwind day in the windy city, Cornerstone launched a fresh vision and marked the beginning of a new era of work. In case you missed it, here's a look at the highlights.

The future is now

Cornerstone CEO Himanshu Palsule described the workforce readiness gap — the growing divide between the pace of change and a workforce's ability to adapt. He highlighted that this gap stems from evolving skill requirements, changing workforce expectations, and limited visibility into workforce data, often compounded by siloed technological systems.

With a mix of engaging personal anecdotes and bold strategic visions, Palsule announced Cornerstone Galaxy, the world's first AI-driven workforce agility platform. He described this solution as personalized, customized and holistic, crafted to bridge the workforce readiness gap by nurturing an organization's continuous and adaptive learning culture.

The enthusiasm was palpable as Palsule served a vibrant call to action, urging businesses to embrace change, prioritize lifelong learning and invest in seamless, integrated technology that addresses the diverse needs of a dynamic workforce.

Chief Product Officer Karthik Suri and Product Strategy Director Anna R. Goldberg passionately spoke to the company's core mission of prioritizing people and their potential in every aspect of their operations. Designed to empower enterprises to bridge the workforce readiness gap effectively, the two elaborated on the four new innovations within Cornerstone Galaxy: Cornerstone Immerse, Cornerstone Companion, Cornerstone Extend and Cornerstone Talent Intelligence. The platform promises to meet organizations where they are and evolve with them well into the future.

The power of open leadership

Not skipping a beat, Jacob Morgan, a leading authority in leadership and the modern workplace, captivated the audience with his session on "Closing The Gap: Why Leading With Vulnerability Is Crucial For The Future Of Work." Morgan shared fresh research insights with real CEO interviews, highlighting the importance of leadership vulnerability in today's fast-evolving work environment. He delved into practical strategies for fostering accessibility within leadership teams and discussed the tangible benefits such openness brings to organizational culture and performance.

Driving value through customer centricity

Our Chief Customer Officer, Toya Del Valle, moderated a panel focused on how the world's learning and development leaders are adapting to and for the future of work. This session featured successful examples of real-world Cornerstone customer experiences and key learnings on how companies continue to stay agile amidst a growing workforce skills gap.

From insights to implementation

After lunch, the breakout sessions offered a rich tapestry of learning opportunities. Each presentation was packed with actionable insights, ranging from compliance and democratized learning to strategic skills development and the future of workforce agility. The focused discussions to enhance user experiences and broaden Cornerstone's capabilities ignited further curiosity and engagement among the attendees.

The afternoon continued with even more deep dives. Topics ranged from strategies to combat employee turnover to unlocking new dimensions of talent development with AI, all before delving into the lesser-known features of Cornerstone's platforms like SBX (Saba) and SumTotal.

The power of choice

As the day began to wind down, guest speaker, James McQuivey VP, Research Director Forrester Research, Inc. energized the crowd with his talk, emphasizing why a skills-based approach is crucial for success this year. His insights set a perfect prelude to the closing keynote by Melissa Stockwell, a three-time American Paralympian, former U.S. Army officer, and co-founder of the Dare2tri Paratriathlon Club. She inspired everyone with her story of resilience and the amazing power of choice, which left the audience feeling moved and motivated. “How are you going to rise up and live the life that you want to live?”

As the sun set on Chicago's magnificent skyline, the inaugural event of the Cornerstone Connect Live Global Tour concluded with a clear and compelling mandate for the future of work. The discussions and insights shared throughout the day underscored a pivotal moment in organizational development and workforce agility.

As we move forward from this impactful day, it’s clear that the journey toward an adaptable, skilled, and vibrant workforce is about implementing new technologies and cultivating a culture of continuous learning and open leadership. Cornerstone Connect Live Chicago laid down the gauntlet and provided the tools and inspiration to meet these challenges head-on.

To register for any of the 2024 Connect Live Tour events and build your personalized agenda, visit the Connect Live website here.

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