• 企業の人材育成の現状
  • キャリア形成が “ 自律化”する時代へ
  • “ 自律的なキャリア形成” に向けて
  • 自律的なキャリア形成をサポートするために必要な要素
  • 自律的なキャリア形成につながる人材育成事例の紹介

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Employee Learning Experience Journey with EdCast LXP


Employee Learning Experience Journey with EdCast LXP

EdCast by Cornerstone Learning Experience Platform (LXP) unifies learning, skill building and career development in the flow of work. From communications and productivity apps in everyday use to functional specific systems, EdCast Learning Experience Platform fosters a culture of learning enabling you to attract, develop and retain high performing talent.

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