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HR Labs Season 5: Is AI the missing piece of corporate learning?

Cornerstone Editors

Episode 4 of HR Labs Season 5 is here!

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our lives, and its applications are transforming various industries. In the field of learning and development, AI has the potential to revolutionize the way organizations provide tailored and practical learning experiences for their employees. In this episode of HR Labs, host Marc Ramos sits down with Marc Zao-Sanders, CEO of learning tech company Filtered, to discuss how AI can enhance learning outcomes, tackle content chaos and open new possibilities for HR. Let's delve into the conversation and explore the three key aspects of leveraging AI in learning and development.

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Taming content chaos with AI

In today's digital era, organizations often struggle with content chaos. Learning content is scattered across multiple platforms and repositories, making it difficult to discover, curate and utilize effectively. Marc Zao-Sanders addresses this challenge by leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze and categorize vast amounts of learning content.

Filtered's technology parses data from learning content, assigning scores based on relevance to specific skills, allowing organizations to streamline content procurement, curate personalized playlists and enhance content discovery. As Zao-Sanders highlights, "Getting a handle on content chaos becomes even more important, knowing what is true, what is good, what is relevant."

Enhancing learning experiences with conversational AI

AI has the potential to transform the way learners interact with learning systems. Marc Ramos emphasizes the power of generative AI, such as ChatGPT, in improving learning experiences. Ramos points out that conversational interfaces enable users to have dynamic conversations and refine their search queries, leading to more precise search results. With the help of AI, learning systems can better understand user intent and provide customized learning recommendations. This advancement enhances learning and enables users to find the most relevant and engaging content efficiently.

Unleashing AI's potential in HR

AI's applications extend beyond learning and development. Zao-Sanders and Ramos discuss some exciting possibilities for AI in HR. For instance, AI can analyze structured HR data to predict employee churn, helping organizations proactively address retention issues. Ramos emphasizes the importance of AI-powered sentiment analysis, stating, "Monitoring communication channels and identifying potential areas of improvement in employee engagement can be enabled by AI."

Zao-Sanders envisions AI for mentoring and soft skills development, expanding the role of AI in supporting HR functions. While AI presents tremendous opportunities, the issue of bias remains a concern. Zao-Sanders emphasizes the importance of addressing discrimination through transparent algorithms and ongoing research in anti-bias AI.

AI holds immense potential for transforming learning and development in organizations. By leveraging AI's capabilities, companies can streamline content management, enhance learning experiences and unlock new insights from HR data. However, addressing bias and ensuring the ethical implementation of AI technologies is crucial. As we embrace the AI revolution, we must approach it with excitement and caution. With the right approach, organizations can harness the power of AI to create agile, future-ready workplaces that foster growth and development for their people.

A genuinely agile, future-ready workplace must use technology to engage workers, close skills gaps, retain talent and more. For the past ten years, our team at Cornerstone has been integrating AI and machine learning into our products to help customers upskill their people and uncover growth opportunities. Learn more about how using AI can grow your people and organization.

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