Increase customer lifetime value with online learning

Online platforms have become the mainstream method for customers to familiarize themselves with product information. From the comfort of their home, customers can update their knowledge, increase their understanding of products to maximize the use of their multiple features, troubleshoot any issues that arise, and learn about complementary products.

Yet, the key for organizations today is to make sure customers are receiving credible, accurate, and helpful information among the plethora of content posted on YouTube and other unverified sources. The availability of online training from a trusted learning platform can prove to be immeasurably valuable for customer engagement, loyalty, and lifetime value.

Download the brief to explore how a customer training portal can help you increase customer lifetime value by:

  • Giving the ability to self-service issues
  • Allowing customers to understand a product’s full potential
  • Recommending cross-sell opportunities
  • Boosting engagement
  • Creating new revenue streams
  • …and more

Plus, you’ll learn how Jack Henry & Associates grew revenue with customer training portals.

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Cornerstone for credit unions: Four ways you can take your HR to the next level


Cornerstone for credit unions: Four ways you can take your HR to the next level

Credit Unions have a big responsibility in managing their members money. To remain competitive, they need highly professional and personable front-line employees to deliver premier customer service. This requires credit unions to go beyond compliance training to offering modern, relevant skills training on subjects ranging from leadership and management to sales and service, and much more.

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