Cornerstone Client Cookie Policy

Last updated: April 2023

Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc. and its global affiliates (collectively, “Cornerstone”) help organizations recruit, train, and manage their people. The entity granting you access to Cornerstone’s software (“Organization”) is a Cornerstone customer that collects and processes your personal data. This cookie policy (“Cookie Policy”) governs how we may use cookies, during your visit to the current website (“Website”), to support the Website’s intended functionality.

A “cookie” is a very small text document stored by your browser locally on your device. Such a cookie may contain an identifier and additional necessary information. The services provided by Cornerstone depend on the use of session and persistent cookies, for example to control the security of the website and therefore of your data. A “session cookie” is temporary and disappears after you close your browser. A “persistent cookie” will remain, for a limited amount of time not exceeding two years once your session is closed.

Except as otherwise set forth herein, all of our cookies are necessary for the provision of our services in accordance with the agreement between Cornerstone and the Organization.

Depending on the specific products and features used by the Organization or the configuration of their portal, different cookies may be used, but we do not employ any third-party advertising cookies on the Website.

Should you require a precise list of the Technical and functional cookies or of the Support and analytics cookies we use, please contact your Account Manager or your Organization.

The categories of cookies we use are listed below.

Technical and functional cookies

Technical and functional cookies are required for the Website to work. These include, for example, session management, Website security, shopping cart, language preferences, course launch, course management, or API (Application Program Interface) management.

Support and analytics cookies

Support and analytical cookies are required to provide and improve the service to your Organization. These include, for example, performance, usage, or error monitoring.

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