Cornerstone Delights Content Curators with Intuitive, AI-powered Content Studio

26 avril 2023

New offering leverages the power of AI and awareness of context to dramatically simplify how organisations discover new learning content, curate effective collections and better align their content strategy with business goals

LONDON, UK – 26 April 2023 - Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc., a pioneer in learning and talent experience solutions, today revealed key customer successes and testaments from the recently launched Cornerstone Content Studio – an AI-powered, highly intuitive content curation, discovery and insights tool. With a few clicks or taps, L&D leaders can consolidate how they search for relevant content across all their content providers, receive AI-powered recommendations, easily curate new collections and get direct visibility into content consumption trends – all within a single product. This level of seamless access and insight helps L&D leaders make more informed decisions about how their content strategy can implement a skills-based approach, save administrators time navigating large content catalogues, correlate the impact of their content and learning strategies on key business outcomes and get actionable insights on their content investment.

Several Cornerstone customers are sharing the positive impact Content Studio has enabled for their L&D programmes:

  • Whole Foods Market: “We were drawn to Content Studio to support our journey of learning and talent enablement,” said Erica Keller, Senior Learning Technology Analyst, Whole Foods Market. “Having a seamless tool to explore and curate content that promotes the growth of a large, diverse, retail workforce is a priority. Content Studio empowers leaders and administrators to be future-forward, explore what’s possible, make informed purchasing decisions, and ultimately connect development goals with our company vision.”
  • U.S. Bank: “Content Studio is a fantastic way for our team to curate content for our organisation,” said Chelsea E Meche, Instructional Designer, U.S. Bank. “It includes functions that help streamline the curation process and make searching for the perfect content easier and more efficient. Content Studio provides all the details we need in one screen and then allows us to curate, review and publish in one place.”
  • Baylor Scott & White Health: “One of the most important elements of our L&D programme is providing our people with relevant and impactful learning content that they’ll actually use,” said Charles Upright, Learning Experience Designer, Baylor Scott & White Health. “Content Studio will make it easy for our L&D team to curate content, get better insight into new content we don’t currently have and receive AI-based content recommendations that align with the employee’s role, career path and business goals. Content Studio will help us make better content decisions and evaluate the true impact of our content strategy.”
  • Wesco: “Content Studio’s search and discovery capabilities will save our L&D team so much time curating content while also delivering the high-quality results we need,” said Amy Lavin, Global Learning and Development, Wesco. “Being able to easily review content, without affecting transcripts, will allow our team to make more strategic decisions surrounding our content strategy and consistently publish the right content collections to the right users at the right time.”

Content Studio Streamlines Discovery and Curation

Designed to bridge the gap between learning content and business goals, Content Studio is built directly into the Cornerstone ecosystem – the Cornerstone Talent Experience Platform – and leverages a vast data lake of people, skills and content data to help organisations implement an informed content strategy. With Content Studio, organisations can:

  • Find relevant content with a streamlined search. Save time by using AI and machine learning technology to easily and quickly compare vendors when searching for the right content for the right audience.
  • Ensure content aligns with business objectives. Content Studio makes it easy to curate content based on company strategy and organisational needs with a level of agility to pivot as needed.
  • Tie content to skills. Easily connect content to the skills they’re looking to develop in their organisation to create customised content collections that drive growth.
  • Build informed learning programs using data insights. Once a collection is curated, utilise the data to understand how well they’ve covered skills, relevant topics and which courses people are consuming the most.

Direct Access to Cornerstone Content Anytime

Content Studio customers also have access to thousands of premium learning courses that are expertly curated and constantly evolving with Cornerstone’s content subscription offering, Cornerstone Content Anytime (CCA). The subscriptions feature award-winning originals and courses from top brands and qualified experts, and span topics like professional skills, modern compliance, leadership and management and technology.

Cornerstone recently launched its newest CCA subscription, Sustainability, a multi-language subscription created to educate all employees on the foundations of sustainability and drive solutions in the area of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG). The new Sustainability subscription includes 25 different content providers, including Cornerstone’s award-winning Cornerstone Originals, all available through a variety of learning modalities.

“We are welcoming a new era of AI-powered and skills-based content discovery and curation. What would have otherwise been an overwhelming, complicated and potentially ineffective process due to an overabundance of content catalogs, vendors and diverse learner populations, can now be highly intuitive, streamlined, context-aware, and frankly fun,” said Karthik Suri, Chief Product Officer, Cornerstone. “Content Studio allows for intuitive content discovery with AI, simplicity with a single product and workflow that encourages collaboration among curators. For learning and development leaders, these capabilities and deep insights are essential to providing streamlined content experiences to their teams with unprecedented ease and transparency into results, ultimately delivering what is most contextually relevant to learners and an effective way to measure and optimise ROI.”

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