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Cornerstone CMO Bernd Leger featured on HRTech Edge Tuesdays with Trailblazers

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In the latest installment of HRTech Edge Tuesdays with Trailblazers, host Neha M. Bhhatia sat down with Cornerstone Chief Marketing Officer Bernd Leger for an insightful session on emerging workforce trends. With over 25 years of leadership experience in the global technology industry, Bernd has a proven track record in developing and executing go-to-market plans, resulting in double- and triple-digit revenue growth across various SaaS organizations.

In this episode, Bernd unveiled the artistry of leading the marketing function at Cornerstone, providing an engaging glimpse into how the Cornerstone AI-powered Talent Experience Platform is a disruptive force, improving human capital management. The conversation also explored some unfolding trends that have colored the past and continue shaping the future of work.

Bernd discussed his rich background and experiences as a CMO across diverse brands, repositioning companies and architecting innovative market strategies that set the stage for success. He also candidly explored the unique challenges organizations face today, from strategic realignment to the uphill battle of amplifying brand awareness.

The webinar delved into the core principles of Bernd's leadership philosophy, emphasizing the paramount importance of data-driven insights and aligning marketing endeavors with company goals. Listeners gained knowledge about managing globally distributed teams, with an emphasis on transparency, open communication and empowerment. Additionally, they learned about the ongoing transformation of AI and the growing significance of reskilling, upskilling and internal mobility today.

To grab a front-row seat to this intersection of innovation, leadership and the future of work, tune in here.

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