Announcing the 2020 Cornerstone RAVE Award Winners

Connie Costigan

Vice President, Customer Experience at Cornerstone OnDemand

On behalf of the Cornerstone team, I’m excited to share details about this year’s Cornerstone RAVE Award winners. RAVE stands for Remarkable Achievements and Visionary Elites, a designation to recognise and honour organisations that have developed and implemented innovative approaches to using our solutions.

Since our first-ever virtual, global conference, Cornerstone Convergence, brought together our expanded community of both Cornerstone and Saba customers, our awards programme too honours the achievements of our global combined customer base of more than 6,300 organisations.

We were humbled by the number of customers that submitted their organisation’s stories for recognition. Selecting the winners across so many nominations was no small task. Please join us in congratulating these organisations across North America and EMEA, whose recruiting, learning, performance and career programmes stood out – and embodied our shared mission of engaging and developing extraordinary people to deliver extraordinary results.

Learning Strategy Innovation

Winners: BNP Paribas; Sunbelt Rentals; Teleperformance; VMWare

About the award: This category recognises organisations that have implemented new learning strategies, techniques and methods to drive tangible talent and business outcomes.

BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas used Cornerstone Learning to support a knowledge-sharing culture that empowers employees to drive their own development. As a result, employees are more aware of the diverse development opportunities available to them and can obtain the right learning intervention when and where they need it.

Sunbelt Rentals

Sunbelt used Cornerstone Learning to develop an innovative approach to track and report on a multi-month, adaptive learning programme during the COVID-19 pandemic. This new process and approach provides managers with real-time data when and where they need it, to drive organisational performance.

Teleperformance deployed a broad set of learning to engage their global workforce and create a change-ready culture. They used Saba Cloud to enhance executive communication during remote work, implement online mentoring, personalise learning to support upskilling, and shift the mix of learning content delivery and adoption from compliance to locally developed regional content.


Using Saba Cloud, VMWare created a new skills and competency framework allowing them to deliver more personalised and targeting training experiences for their people faster. The new skills framework also ensured even closer alignment to the strategic needs of the business.

“We are pleased to be recognised for our learning strategy innovation at this year’s RAVE Awards,” said Sanjeev Kumar, Senior Business Process Architect, VMWare. “Through this partnership, we have been able to develop a skills competency framework used to influence learning paths and simplify course selection and offerings with an 80% reduction in time.”

Transformational HR & Talent Strategy

Winners: Broadway Bank; Sobi

About the award: This category recognises organisations that have applied new technology and approaches spanning multiple HR processes to drive tangible talent impact and business outcomes.

Broadway Bank

With Cornerstone Learning, Performance & Recruiting suites, Broadway Bank created a continuous performance and development culture to engage employees with coaching, feedback, development and recognition, in support of employee career growth and, ultimately, client satisfaction. Broadway Bank’s retention initiatives also use Cornerstone to support its progressive internal mobility and leadership development programmes.


Sobi has undergone a significant undertaking in migrating from multiple local HR systems and decentralised processes to one global HCM solution using Cornerstone HR. With Cornerstone its new process empowers employees, managers and local HR to own their data and create a “digital employment life cycle.” This change has allowed Sobi to utilise its data to add value, not only to the HR processes, but also to contribute with clarity, agility and efficiency to other important business functions and processes. Cornerstone has enabled Sobi to take a big step forward in its digital transformation journey.

Impact on User Adoption

Winners: Nestlé; TravelCenters of America; Veritas Technologies;

About the award: This award recognises organisations who have successfully driven adoption of new product capabilities, expanded usage of solutions across departments, geographies or business units, and expanded employee utilisation through innovative programmes.


Having deployed Cornerstone eight years ago, Nestlé faced the challenge of continuously increasing user adoption in such a mature product. By focusing on improving access to the right learning content and enabling learners to experience a journey of development through playlists, Nestlé was able to significantly increase average time spent on learning and hit a milestone number of visits per month on the learning platform.

“We’re thrilled to be recognised at this year’s Cornerstone RAVE Awards for our success in driving user adoption.” said Jo-Anne Rossouw, Head of Digital Learning, Nestlé. “Cornerstone, together with our IT Learning Product Team, have helped us achieve our two key adoption focuses for 2020 of improving access to the right learning content, and enabling learners to experience a journey of development through Playlists”.

TravelCenters of America

TravelCenters of America launched Cornerstone Learning as the foundation to establishing a learning culture in the organisation. Branding the solution “MyTA” the team quickly pivoted with the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic to weave a consistent message through communications, videos and job aids to reinforce how using MyTA would provide new opportunities to develop and grow in employees’ current roles, and help them prepare for the next step in their career. One major result of this strategy: 72% of employees logged into MyTA within the first 30 days, completing 8,000 courses!

Veritas Technologies

With Saba Cloud, Veritas Technologies launched a highly powerful, revenue-generating consolidated single learning system used by three different type of learner groups: employees, customers and partners. As a result, Veritas’ learning team can easily publish, track and maintain learning activities, empowering 18,000 users with diverse training requirements to quickly find and take the training they need. The organisation has seen system utilisation grow by 60%, enrolments go up by 45%, and reduced cases from learners by more than 200 per month.

Advancement in Reinventing Work

Winner: Public Storage

About the award: This year recognises change makers who have implemented new ways to attract and retain the best talent and capitalised on the collective knowledge, skills, and performance of their people. 

Public Storage

Public Storage rolled out a highly adopted digital badge recognition programme within Cornerstone Learning in support of its goal to foster a culture of recognition at all levels of the organisation. As a result of this initiative, employees are empowered to reinforce high performance through meaningful, personal feedback aligned to organisational values and priorities.

Reinventing Recruiting

Winners: Henkel; myjobscotland

About this award: This category recognises organisations that have progressively evolved their talent acquisition processes to improve their candidate experience, recruiting metrics and attract and hire the best people to prepare their organisations for the future. 


Thanks to the focus, agile mindset, ownership, empowerment and the exceptional collaboration of its global project team, Henkel managed to implement a unified global talent acquisition system within 12 months and without interruption so recruiters could continue to work seamlessly. Thoughtful planning drove a blueprint for success, which led to increases in applicants and improved conversion rates, and a streamlined experience for candidates.


myjobscotland used the TalentLink solution and implemented asynchronous video interviewing to help its member councils across Scotland discover and attract the best candidates into key roles. This virtual recruiting approach has been particularly important to continuously fill open positions during the pandemic and allows applicants to share the best version of themselves in the process. In doing so myjobscotland has been able to significantly decrease time-to-offer and time-to–hire, with rave reviews from candidates and hiring managers on the experience.

"In line with our continual improvement strategy of our offering Councils (and other third parties) more functions whilst keeping the costs down, the COVID-19 pandemic further accelerated our need to implement a video recruitment strategy in TalentLink, and within myjobscotland.” says Douglas Shirlaw, Chief Digital Officer at COSLA. “We are very proud to have been able to design, engage and deliver this in less than a week for each of the 10 councils. The outcome reflects the professionalism, enthusiasm, commitment and togetherness of the myjobscotland team, as well as Council HR teams doing everything they could to make this a success in their regions under some particularly challenging circumstances."

Visionary in Performance Management

Winners: GB Group Plc; Horace Mann; HM Electronics

About this award: This award recognises organisations that have engaged their employees through meaningful performance processes to improve organisational effectiveness and business outcomes.

GB Group Plc

GB Group Plc created a culture that supports ongoing performance conversations using Cornerstone Performance and built-in Check-Ins. By offering a simple, interactive way for its people and managers to stay aligned, engaged and focused on achieving their potential, GB Group Plc met all three of its key objectives in implementing Cornerstone: improve the quality and frequency of performance conversations, raise the bar of performance, and ensure clear alignment between what each employee does and the business mission.

Horace Mann

Horace Mann successfully implemented a quarterly performance management process with a focus on coaching, feedback and employee development versus performance ratings. This new ongoing performance management process has evolved Horace Mann to a culture in which performance conversations are a way of life, with employees leading the conversation and proactively driving their own development and performance.

“Our need to be able to quickly adapt and change course makes the concept of an annual performance review an outdated one that no longer meets the needs of our business,” said Susan Dudley, Talent Management System Analyst, Horace Mann. “With Cornerstone as well as the support of executive leadership, our change management plan and the desire for a change from the current process, we have successfully adapted our performance management strategy to meet the needs of today.”

HM Electronics

In 2019, HM Electronics adopted Saba Cloud to support the performance and development needs of its rapidly growing workforce. Using both performance and learning within Saba, HM Electronics has created a tight connection between both coaching, development and training, with deep insight on programme metrics. Building on its success using peer-to-peer “impressions” within the system, HM Electronics continues to foster a strong company-wide feedback culture.

Congratulations to the 2020 RAVE Award Winners!

Congratulations to all this year’s winners and sincere thanks to the thousands of customers around the world who continue to partner with Cornerstone to drive your talent strategies forward!

To learn more about how Cornerstone customers are delivering innovative talent strategies using Cornerstone solutions, check out the many customer success stories shared at Cornerstone Convergence in September. While the conference has come and gone, all sessions are available on demand until October 31, 2020.

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