Webinar: 6 Ways to Engage the Next Generation of Government Talent

Miranda Ashby

Senior Director of Federal Government, Cornerstone OnDemand

With shrinking budgets and an aging workforce, federal and defense organizations face several unique challenges in building their next generation of leaders. Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age, taking skills and knowledge as they leave, and morale is decreasing, fueled by work and pay freezes during the government shutdown last year. Today's government HR professionals not only need to consider how to recruit young, top talent, but also how to retain current and future leaders.

By the year 2025, Millennials will make up approximately 75 percent of the workforce. However, only 11 percent of current government employees are Millennials, according to the US Office of Personnel Management – indicating the potential for a major talent gap in the industry. According to our upcoming 2015 Human Capital Management (HCMG) report, the number one concern of government employers is finding qualified job candidates – with 68 percent of respondents listing it as their top priority. Yet at the same time, nearly half of respondents have no recruitment strategy in place for attracting Millennials, who make up the majority of candidates.

In order to compete with the private sector for the strongest candidates, government HR professionals should focus on ways to connect with mobile, social Millennials, as well as how to establish agency cultures that attract young employees.

Join our webinar, Engaging the Leaders of the Future, on Thursday, March 19, to learn about trends in succession planning and how to build an effective agency culture. A panel of federal government HR professionals will share key findings, personal experiences and best practices around engaging the next generation of government talent as reported in our 2015 HCMG survey.

Below are a few strategies panel members will discuss:

  • Engaging Millennials through social media and internships

  • Building employee engagement and attracting top talent through new benefits

  • Assessing the value of institutional knowledge to avoid retirement negatively impacting current programs

  • Implementing more effective internal communications and creating opportunities for employee feedback

  • Working with leadership teams to further talent management and performance goals

  • Building the case for unified talent management solutions and determining what works best for your agency

Registration is open now for the free webinar. Sign up here.

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