AI as universal as electricity

Marc Ramos, Chief Learning Officer at Cornerstone, believes AI will become as universal and ubiquitous as electricity. We’re right at the beginning, and there is a lot of hype, fear and anxiety, so governments and other entities are putting controls in place. But there are also tremendous values with AI, not least from a talent, HR and learning perspective. Here are some areas where Marc already sees advancements in AI.

  • Automation. For example, in course development, ensuring it addresses the needs, in content production, in measurement and coordination and management of learning.

  • Learning experience. AI will know your needs in a contextual and complex way and provide a specific type of content for you.

  • The right type of value for the customer. Suppliers of talent technology, such as Cornerstone, are focused on ensuring AI functionality delivers value in terms of impact, time and cost-effectiveness.

Hear more about what Marc thinks about the possibilities of AI and the industry’s responsibilities in this video.

Read about how Cornerstone works with AI in this blog post from Cornerstones CTO Mark Goldin:

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Time to make wise choices on technology


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