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Diagnostic Analytics

Diagnostic analytics is a form of advance analytics which examines data or content to answer the question “Why did it happen?”, and is characterized by techniques such as drill-down, data discovery, data mining and correlations. Diagnostic analytics takes a deeper look at data to attempt to understand the causes of events and behaviors.

What Are The Benefits of Diagnostic Analytics?

Diagnostic analytics lets you understand your data faster to answer critical workforce questions. Cornerstone View provides the fastest and simplest way for organizations to gain more meaningful insight into their employees and solve complex workforce issues. Interactive data visualization tools allow managers to easily search, filter and compare people by centralizing information from across the Cornerstone unified talent management suite. For example, users can find the right candidate to fill a position, select high potential employees for succession, and quickly compare succession metrics and performance reviews across select employees to reveal meaningful insights about talent pools. Filters also allow for a snapshot of employees across multiple categories such as location, division, performance and tenure.


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