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Machine Learning

Machine learning is a field of study in which computers have the ability to learn without being programmed. Advanced algorithms learn from patterns and make predictions on data. In the case of recruiting, it determines the factors that lead to a successful employee and then applies those factors when looking at candidates. Typically a score or ranking is assigned to candidates once the candidate is reviewed.

Why is Machine Learning Important?

Machine learning is revolutionizing the recruiting field, by using data to help narrow down the candidate pool using data. Machine learning removes the subjective factor from hiring decisions that may not be pertinent to the potential success of a candidate. It makes your job easier by scientifically enabling you to filter out candidates that do not have a high likelihood for success. Rather than spend large amounts of time screening applicants, machine learning can help you do the work of screening out candidates that won’t be a good fit.

Cornerstone Selection utilizes cutting edge machine learning algorithms that automatically score candidates and recommend top candidates based on your unique workforce. These algorithms are continuously optimized based on job performance data, resulting in more accurate scoring.


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