“Cornerstone's learning and performance tools are hands down the best resource we have to prepare for these changes.”

Why Cornerstone

Orlando Health selected Cornerstone OnDemand’s integrated talent management system in 2012. “Cornerstone’s reporting features were very important, as was the fact that we could integrate learning and online training,” said Ali Graham, IS departmental consultant III at Orlando Health. “With Cornerstone, we could also use canned content. We have vendors who provide SCORM-compliant training, and we could drop that content directly into the system.”  

Cornerstone’s ease of use was also a deciding factor. “The performance management process can be painful. If someone has to receive feedback, the worst thing you can do is have a system that makes it more difficult,” said Wendy Radeka, director, talent management & e-learning at Orlando Health. “What really impressed us about Cornerstone was the ease of experience for the end user.”

During the rollout, Orlando Health engaged leaders, asking them about their wish lists for the system. The organization also developed a large library of content and coordinated live and online training. “We did a great job with stakeholder analysis, change readiness impact, and delivering a very comprehensive communication and talent training plan,” said Radeka. 

The Results

Engaged team members. Via Cornerstone Performance, employees can easily manage their goals—and team member goals can be tied to organizational goals. “We were encouraged by how employees engaged in goal setting and self-evaluations,” said Graham. “We thought if we had a 30 percent increase in self-evaluations, we’d be doing well. We ended up with a 60 percent increase in 30 days.”


Accessed compliance reporting crucial for Joint Commission audits. Previously, compliance reporting was time consuming and cumbersome. “We never had the capability for managers to quickly access real-time data,” said Graham. “Managers love that they can get the data they need on the fly.” Added Radeka, “It’s important because we have Joint Commission coming up. With Cornerstone, we’re more prepared.”


Integrated learning and performance. With Cornerstone Performance and Cornerstone Learning, Orlando Health can look at talent management from a system perspective. “Our learning and performance management projects are now congruent and sequential. The information flows between them,” said Radeka. “Using Cornerstone Performance has been revolutionary. We weren’t going from paper to electronic like some organizations, but it was still transformational.”


Prepared for healthcare reform. Cornerstone helps ensure Orlando Health is prepared for ongoing healthcare reform. “We’re asking, ‘What does the healthcare worker need in the next five years?’” said Radeka. “Cornerstone’s learning and performance tools are hands down the best resource we have to prepare for these changes.”


Provided continuing education. Via Cornerstone Learning, Orlando Health provides professional continuing education in 17 specialties—and saves time on reporting.  “We report continuing education to a tracking organization,” said Graham. “With Cornerstone, we extract the data every week and drop it directly into CE Broker.” 






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