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“We see impact from our use of Cornerstone when we look at the individual store KPIs.”
Pandora delivers targeted, on-demand training for 30,000 employees.

Why Cornerstone

Pandora's leaders embraced the idea of using a learning management system to reach employees globally with content designed to develop its core values, ensure sales floor readiness and foster engagement. "We were looking for a software partner who could follow our ambitions to make training truly accessible," said Martin Bloch Nielsen, director, group training at Pandora. "The system had to be cloud-based so we could operate all over the world with no delays. In addition, we wanted a system that could help us create a one-stop training portal."

Pandora selected Cornerstone Learning both for its capability to deliver on-demand training and its ease of use. "it was important for us to have a system that was very easy to use to align with our brand." said Per Ferdinandsen, technical eLearning coordinator for Pandora. Cornerstone Learning also allowed Pandora to create a customized user interface, critical to maintaining the company's brand internally and ensuring training appealed to and engaged employees.

The Results

Provided on-demand learning. With Cornerstone, Pandora can offer targeted training designed to quickly increase employee confidence and skill on the retail floor. Because the training is on-demand, employees can integrate learning opportunities into their existing schedules - without taking time off work to travel to attend classroom training. According to Ferdinandsen, "Employees can start training immediately; they can go on the sales floor and achieve success faster."

Improved individual store key performance indicators (KPIs). By delivering training via Cornerstone Learning, Pandora has witnessed improvement in employee performance on the retail floor, key to driving higher sales and maintaining a positive brand association globally. "We see impact from our use of Cornerstone when we look at individual store KPIs," said Bloch Nielsen.

Pandora can also offer training on soft skills with Cornerstone, such as good corporate citizenship. "Because we now have a strong base of content within areas like product and sales training, we can look further out in our business and do trainings on areas like corporate responsibility."

Accessed real-time-learning data. Cornerstone Learning's reporting capabilities ensure Pandora has access to the big picture view of learning across the organization. "We can easily track user activity and drill into each group of sales staff to see how they're doing in specific areas," said Bloch Nielsen. "We can also create a report to send to our retail operational staff so they can follow up with training."

Integrated performance with learning. Pandora measures performance through mystery shoppers, who visit stores to evaluate employees on the job. Pandora then assigns training via Cornerstone Learning to address performance shortfalls. "We're able to benchmark the customer experience," said Ferdinandsen. "We can then see in what areas we need to do more training using Cornerstone Learning."





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Pandora delivers targeted, on-demand training for 30,000 employees.


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