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“We can quickly see where we have development gaps and then look at individual learning needs.”

Why Cornerstone

In their search for a Learning Management System (LMS), Ricoh conducted rigorous research, reviewing 10 vendors and relying on Gartner and other resources to determine suitability. Initially, a well-known vendor’s LMS – functionality acquired as part of M&A activity – was a contender. However, said vendor suddenly withdrew support for a critical reporting feature in the product, which further pushed Ricoh to choose Cornerstone OnDemand’s solution. 

In early 2012, Ricoh implemented the Cornerstone Learning Cloud, as well as Cornerstone’s Observation Checklist functionality, enabling the transfer of all 42,000 user accounts from three discrete systems to one integrated platform. This not only reduced administrative work for the learning services organization but allowed Ricoh to eliminate five full-time training positions—resulting in significant savings. “Cornerstone is light years ahead of what we were using before. It allows us to do things creatively with learning that would not have been possible prior to implementing the Learning Cloud,” said Andrews. 

The Results

Engage employees by eliminating static “checklist” evaluations. Ricoh now utilizes Observation Checklists to evaluate performance instead of using more traditional, static checklists. The company can evaluate employees on the job and in the field—in real time—on a variety of criteria, including an employee’s current knowledge, experience level and skill gaps. “Competency assessments performed in the field with Observation Checklists provide managers with a much more comprehensive look at where employees are skill- and knowledge-wise. We can quickly see where we have development gaps and then look at individual learning needs,” said Andrews. “As a result, we’ve seen employees become more engaged, since they’re not just going through the motions. They see greater value in the training when it is linked directly to their individual needs.”

Ricoh also recently began using Observation Checklists as a survey tool. Data is automatically integrated into the Learning Cloud, giving leaders tremendous insight into the nexus of existing skills, training and performance on the job. “Turnover has frequently been a challenge within our Sales organization. Implementing Observation Checklists that the sales department can now use at the 30-day and 90-day markers allows senior leaders to gain insight into the pattern of attrition,” said Andrews.

Create individualized learning plans to improve job fit and performance. Via the Learning Cloud, Ricoh creates individualized learning plans within certain business lines to both empower and engage employees and ensure the right person is in the right job - or create training to improve existing job fit. "Our leaders are starting to think in terms of individualized learning as it relates to job fit, retention, and future career success," said Andrews.

Track the effectiveness of training. With Cornerstone, Ricoh now easily assesses behavior changes and their impact on the organization. “We were never strong in the area of obtaining and evaluating metrics. We simply didn’t have all the tools to check behavior changes,” said Andrews. “With Cornerstone, we can find development gaps with the competency assessments and then target our learning to better support each individual and the organization.” 

Reduce the need for classroom training and reach Millennials with collaborative learning opportunities. The logistics of delivering training to 30,000 employees (45,000 total students), as well as Millennials’ growing preference for more blended, collaborative learning experiences, ensured Ricoh’s previous reliance on instructor-led training was no longer feasible. “There will always be a need for instructor-led training, but with the Learning Cloud, we can also deploy more innovative training, deliver better support, and track and measure its effectiveness,” said Andrews. “There’s a blended component to it, as well. We can have employees watch videos, attend a call, and then post to a discussion board, which creates a more collaborative learning opportunity.”





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