“With Cornerstone Learning, we're showing candidates we're willing to invest in them.”

Why Cornerstone

SCDOT created an RFP for a new LMS in 2012. The search was called off when none of the vendors were able to meet the agency's scalability requirements for the system. "One of our biggest criteria for our new system was that we couldn't outgrow it," said Dennis Holman, training manager, at SCDOT. "We had to have a system that would allow us to grow into it."

A few years later, SCDOT renewed the search as their Moodle contract came to an end. "Our RFP committee worked tirelessly to determine which system fit our needs. They came to a unanimous decision: Cornerstone Learning," said Holman. "Cornerstone had the growth potential we wanted. Even better, Cornerstone is a company that wants to grow. Not many vendors can say that."

SCDOT implemented Cornerstone Learning in nine weeks — with only two people managing the entire process. "We kicked off the new system, transferred the data, set up the structure and designed training very quickly," said Holman. "We're six months in, and it's already made training easier for everyone."

The Results

Aggregated all training data in one location. Previously, SCDOT's training data was housed in two separate systems. As a result, the agency couldn't provide unified, blended learning, whereby employees could design and participate in training paths with both online and instructor-led classes. Additionally, Holman and his team were never able to see the big picture of training and compliance activities. "Sometimes it's the smallest things on a daily basis that speak volumes about Cornerstone and how it's helped us," said Holman. "People call me and say that they love that they can see all their training in one place. There aren't any duplicate classes, and people know what they've taken and when."

Attracted higher quality candidates. Competition for top talent is fierce, and private sector organizations often have the edge in recruiting. "It's very difficult for most state agencies to get some of the better employees because certain government positions don't pay as much as private industry jobs," said Holman. "But when you're willing to invest in employees through training, you can attract better and more motivated employees to further the mission of the department. With Cornerstone Learning, we're showing candidates we're willing to invest in them. It also makes a huge difference in helping our existing employees to feel valued."

Engaged millennials. Government agencies' behind-the-curve approach to technology isn't quite a selling point for millennial candidates. "State agencies are always viewed as outdated," said Holman. "Cornerstone Learning helps us appeal to millennial employees and their desire for technology and continual learning. With the new technology in place, our department looks a little less archaic."



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