“People like using PiiQ. It's simple, it's not scary and they don't have to do any calculations.”

The second largest employer in Auckland, The Trusts, is a business owned by the public in West Auckland. They exist to sell alcohol responsibly, and to do so in a way approved of by the community who owns them. Instead of profits being paid to private owners or shareholders, they return surplus profits back into the community or reinvest into the business. Previously, The Trusts used a cumbersome paper-based performance review system. Reviews were incredibly difficult to track and manage, and leaders couldn't see the macro view of the company's talent skills, a challenge to succession planning.

The Results

Increased review completion. Previously, 10 percent of reviews were completed on time. Today, PiiQ by Cornerstone's easy-to-use interface has dramatically changed employees' perception of reviews - and boosted review completion rates to 85 percent.

Transformed from a tenure-based to a performance-based compensation system. Before, employees automatically received pay increases every year, regardless of performance. With PiiQ, the organization created a transparent remuneration system and tied performance and behavior competencies to the payment framework.

Contextualised performance through Analytics. Leveraging PiiQ's visual Analytics with the nine-box grid, business leaders are able to quickly see which employees are underperforming, simply maintaining or deserving of additional compensation.

Engaged employees. With PiiQ's learning capabilities, employees can both train for the job they were hired to do and begin development for future positions. Martha Gibbons noted: "Most organizations say, 'Well, we can't afford to train people.' This organization says, 'We can't afford not to.'"




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