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Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEE) is a leading content company offering entertainment content to diverse audiences. With a presence in over 190 countries and a reach of more than 1.3 billion people around the globe, ZEE is among the largest global Media & Entertainment Companies across genres, languages, and integrated content platforms.

ZEE needed to provide their employees with a more holistic and personalized approach to professional growth and development.

The need for an LXP

To build a culture of continuous learning and support the future vision of the company, ZEE was in search of a Learning Experience Platform that provided:

  • Personalized learning for employees
  • Flexible content to develop technical, behavioral, and leadership skills
  • AI-powered platform to enhance content recommendations

Setting up for success: the key features that drove engagement

The EdCast by Cornerstone Learning Experience Platform redefined the learner experience and allowed ZEE to take a holistic and comprehensive approach to developing their employees.

The five key features that drove employee engagement:

Content Aggregation

EdCast by Cornerstone supported ZEE in onboarding and integrating with GO1, the world’s largest content aggregator, with more than 80K+content assets from over 200+content providers. This covered almost 60-65% of the content requirements of the company. Most of these assets are bite-sized content that can be accessed easily by the employees in the flow of work.


They set up customized academies (i.e., channels) and architecture on the Learning Experience Platform for the employees based on their functions and job roles (i.e., Individual Contributor, Project Manager, etc.).The setup lets employees only see academies that are relevant to them instead of all academies.

Learning Goals

EdCast by Cornerstone also reduced employee content search time by setting up the Learning Goals. EdCast by Cornerstone’s AI Engine provides content recommendations for employees based on those learning goals.


Timely notifications enabled employees on the learning platform to nudge and bring them to the platform. ZEE also subscribed to EdCast by Cornerstone’s Mobile App, anextension of their LXP, to promote learning on the go. The platform also offered Curation-as-a-Service (CaaS) for Techno-Functional content pathways that enabled learners to create a better foundation on critical skills and build a culture of continuous learning.


The Manager Dashboard Feature enabled managers to check the status & progress of their team’s learning journey & have impactful learning conversations and coaching during regular catch-ups.

Driving adoption with a deep learner engagement program

Investments in technology & tools alone are not enough. The success of any L&D program depends on how deeply the organization drives employee engagement programs to ensure adoption that will eventually make every learner realize the importance of personalized, lifelong learning.

The L&D team at ZEE aroused interest in learners before the revamped launch of LXP & then created continuous interest through monthly campaigns, as shown below, to enhance awareness about every platform feature and drive engagement.

Leap of learning – The first engagement campaign sought to understand employees' current perception of Zeecademy and crowdsource a new logo.

  • 1,700 engaged users
  • 55+ logo design submissions

December to remember – The next step was to entice Zeecademy to explore consumer content from the newly integrated provider G01 and gather feedback

  • Increased 900+ engaged users
  • 17,500 completions

Revamped platform launch – Zeecademy’s new learning experience platform launched in January 2022 with a 360-degree communication plan for employees.

  • 50+ academies launched
  • 30+ content providers added
  • 570 engaged users
  • 10,000 completions

Very Berry February – The next step in the adoption campaign was to enable employees to create their career path by adding “learning goals” with AI-activated recommendations.

  • 650+ users added learning goals
  • 12,000 pathways completions
  • 300% increase in pathway completions

Arches of March – This campaign aimed to build a culture of content creation within ZEE through speaker sessions and showcasing content curation capabilities in the LXP. They introduced learners to the mobile app through an exclusive quiz.

  • 990+ participation in speaker sessions
  • 29% mobile app adoption
  • 330+ content created

Maple of Maypril – This campaign refreshed awareness of Zee competencies within the LXP and introduced them to academies and pathways.

  • 434% pathway completions
  • 1660 engaged users
  • 5,900 visits on competency channels

The innovative monthly campaign plans coupled with rigorous execution by the L&D team at ZEE ensured faster adoption of the revamped LXP. This complimented a Reward & Recognition program to motivate early adopters and create a solid pull for learning across the organization.

The impact

ZEE adopted the Unlearn, Learn, Relearn model to improve individual learning agility and inculcate a habit of continuous learning across the organization.

A robust platform design coupled with a rigorous employee engagement model dramatically impacted learner engagement and collaboration, thus helping ZEE transition from a top-down to a learner-centric approach to L&D.

With EdCast by Cornerstone’s LXP, ZEE is now driving a culture of learning that will foster the skills needed to meet today’s business objectives and support the company’s business vision for the future.

  • 73% increase in monthly active users in 3 months
  • 84% repeat monthly active users
  • 90% adoption of the LXP platform
  • 99% unique content completion rate
  • 27.7 social expression

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