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Human Capitalist: How to Engage Employees on Compliance

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Human Capitalist: How to Engage Employees on Compliance

Cornerstone Editors

JULY 14, 2021

Companies are increasingly creating programs to make employees feel engaged and part of a community. While HR efforts are actively focused on talent management, Cornerstone OnDemand Jason Corsello explains on Human Capitalist there’s an element that this management directly affects — compliance.

With corporate scandals widespread, companies are staying attentive to company compliance. According to a recent Ernst & Young report, 41 percent of companies plan to spend more money on compliance programs.

So, what’s the link between engagement and compliance? Corsello presents these elements "as two sides of the same coin," and, he writes, if talent is managed in a proactive way, the demands of compliance can fall into place without a hitch. Here are two examples Corsello presents of companies that let employees become the rule-makers and, in turn, compliance advocates:

Virgin Media Connects Employees to Values Through Social Learning

Virgin Media employees are encouraged to talk about company values, which "helps workers understand them and to gets them invested in creating and ensuring strong ethics," Mark Lamswood, the company’s talent manager, explained recently. Virgin Media uses social learning in the form of online tools and gamification to increase employee participation in conversation company ethics and compliance.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Gives Employees the Reins

Commonwealth Bank of Australia lets employees take control of their values training. As Corsello writes the companies "employee-centric cultural shift not only helped employees better understand Commonwealth’s compliance priorities, but also gave the company a competitive advantage over other companies."

Read the full post by Jason Corsello on Human Capitalist.

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