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October 2015 Product Release: Save Time, Boost Productivity, and Make Smarter Decisions

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October 2015 Product Release: Save Time, Boost Productivity, and Make Smarter Decisions

Leslie Surley Kostrikin
Director of Services, Verticals & Product Marketing, Cornerstone

MAY 06, 2021

The HR function is moving beyond automating processes, reducing costs, and managing compliance – to a more strategic role focused on driving people decisions that grow the business. This requires a shift from focusing on reporting to offering more strategic advice about critical people matters – such as recruitment, retention, development, etc. Cornerstone’s October ’15 Release delivers the tools that allows you to derive quality, actionable insights about your workforce to save time, boost productivity, and drive strategic people decisions that support your organization’s key goals.

Cornerstone Learning

Browse for Training – Courses for You

Present a more engaging experience, keep content fresh, and deliver highly relevant training by recommending training tailored to employee interests. Allow employees to select subjects that interest them and offer contextually relevant training based on their selected interests. Save employees time in finding critical trainings – ultimately allowing them to increase the number of trainings they take and accelerating learning.

Cornerstone Recruiting

Talent Scoring

All recruiters struggle with finding great candidates. Make recruiting easier and more efficient by allowing recruiters to assign scores to pre-screening questions. Rank candidates based on their responses and narrow down your list of applicants to those who are most qualified for the roles – decreasing the time to evaluate the applicant pool and allowing you to focus on the most qualified candidates. Spend time where it is essential – interviewing top talent.

Cornerstone Mobile

Mobile Launch Curricula

At Cornerstone, we’re committed to improving your mobile experience. We’re excited to introduce new Mobile Launch Curricula. You can now launch mobile enabled training and mark them complete from your mobile Transcript Curriculum Tab. This provides a wider suite of learning options on mobile and allows learners to learn in an organized and comprehensive format – anytime, anywhere.

Cornerstone Insights

Compliance Guide

Legal compliance is essential for any organization to be successful. But achieving and maintaining compliance can be challenging and elusive to many organizations. Compliance Guide helps you analyze potential actions you can take to increase compliance rates and identify meaningful policy changes that can drive higher long-term compliance rates and lower financial liabilities due to compliance risk.

Compliance Control

Further mitigate compliance risk and detect, prevent, and deter noncompliant conduct with Compliance Control. Identify who is currently at risk of being out of compliance by not completing their courses on time, why they’re at risk, and what you can do to mitigate immediate compliance risks.

Predictive Succession

Every recruiter faces the challenge of ensuring the right people are placed in the right roles to help accomplish business goals and ensure business continuity. Predictive Succession helps organizations identify internal candidates who are likely a great fit for a specific role. Tap into the power of your existing employees and quickly backfill any open position, while also driving engagement and retention of high performers.

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