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Reclaim Your Compliance Training

Three Steps to Move Past “Check-the-Box” Learning and Strengthen Your Company’s Culture. The most successful HR and L&D teams connect their work to company goals. Whether they’re building a leadership academy, a change management workshop, or a new employee onboarding program, they focus on powering the business by helping employees grow. Compliance training, a $6.2 billion industry worldwide, is the most costly exception to this rule. Even strong HR and L&D practitioners commonly neglect their compliance programs in favor of other initiatives. Instead of connecting compliance to growth and performance, many view it as a "check-the-box" exercise aimed at reducing liability for harassment, or bribery, or data breaches. More like hall patrol than corporate strategy, compliance is known for its dull content and pro forma trainings that do little to educate or motivate. Use this guide to help you reclaim compliance training. You’ll learn how to move past “check-the-box” learning and challenge your people to behave ethically and inclusively in their roles.

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