Putting your people first: Celebrating HR Appreciation Day

Cornerstone Editors

Today marks Human Resource Appreciation Day, a day to celebrate those dedicated HR professionals who work tirelessly to ensure that your organization's most valuable asset — your people — have the opportunities to be their absolute best selves. This day also aims to raise awareness about the incredibly important role each of us plays across our industry every day.

HR leaders are undeniably, the glue that holds an organization together. We know it's been an especially tough few years navigating remote work experiences across the globe. Every massive shift has taught the corporate world many valuable lessons, including the utmost value of HR teams and functions in keeping a company running smoothly and aligned through uncertainty.

We’ll be there for you

Does the Friends theme song, I'll Be There for You, ring a bell? That's precisely how vital and "there for you" the HR function and department is. It's the backbone of any organization. And with good reason.

HR and its leaders are continuing to shape the future of work by supporting businesses in redesigning structures and job roles to accommodate the new normal, with a growing emphasis on developing their workforce and finding innovative ways to unite people growth with organizational success.

What HR leaders can do on HR Appreciation Day and beyond

1) Create endless learning opportunities

The work of an HR leader doesn’t stop once someone is hired. That’s when the real opportunities begin. Coach, develop and inspire your employees to better performance, and provide career paths and upskilling opportunities.

2) Provide a culture of inclusion where every employee can bring their whole selves to work

Through their work, people seek connection, community and purpose, not just a paycheck. Creating a safe space for your people to bring their authentic selves to work every day is critically important to building a workplace that works for everyone. It encourages collaboration, mitigates exclusion and values individuality as a way to drive outcomes.

3) Listen to feedback and address the needs of your people head-on

The best leaders know the value of listening more than they speak, encouraging feedback and making sound decisions based on those needs. Check in on your people. Encourage your team leads and managers to allow time in their 1:1s to give and receive feedback and make sure employees feel supported and aligned with your organization's goals.

Thank you to our dedicated HR professionals!

Cornerstone Chief People Officer Carina Cortez speaks of HR professionals' resilience and unwavering dedication in recent years. Their commitment to fostering meaningful connections within their teams, actively listening to employee feedback and providing opportunities for professional development and personal enrichment has become a guiding light in a world where work dynamics are constantly in flux. As we delve into her words, we’re drawn to a place where the pursuit of lifelong learning becomes the key to unlocking the full potential of individuals and organizations alike.

“In recent years, the resilience and unwavering dedication from HR professionals to fostering meaningful connections with their teams has been a remarkable source of inspiration,” says Carina. “At Cornerstone, our commitment to actively listen to employee feedback, maintain transparency and provide opportunities for learning — for both professional and personal growth, adapting to evolving work dynamics and thriving in a hybrid work environment — remains at the heart of our daily endeavors. I am privileged to collaborate with the exceptional members of our People team and to take part in our continued efforts to empower individuals and organizations to realize their full potential through lifelong learning."

We encourage you to honor your HR professionals today by letting them know just how much they mean to you and your organization's ability to thrive seamlessly.

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