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To kick off Cornerstone's 15th annual Convergence conference, our CEO Adam Miller pulled up his Netflix account. At first, his recommendations bar seemed like an example of machine learning gone wrong: Sons of Anarchy next to Liv and Maddie? But as Miller explained, it was a perfect example of how modern media is personalized for consumers (in his case, for parents with three young kids)—and inspiration for how modern learning could be personalized for employees, too.

Our learning product's new features, announced today, brings this possibility to life with a personalized, employee-centric user interface like Netflix and curated content playlists similar to Spotify. But we're not the only ones investing in a more personalized employee experience: Throughout the day, we heard from clients, analysts and partners about how the most innovative organizations are finding way to invest in strategies and tools that serve individuals, first and foremost.

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Involving Employees In Big Data Efforts

In order to personalize employee experiences, organizations should involve them in the process. Data will determine your organization's ability to serve employees the content they need, so why not ask them to help along the way through self-service tools?

Viewing Learning as a Self-Driven Pursuit

As organizations shift from "training" to "learning," the type of educational content they provide employees also needs to shift. The modern workforce is no longer made up of sharply defined roles or assembly lines—instead, most organizations have nimble teams with a range of experiences and areas of expertise. Learning needs to cater to employees on an individual basis, not just by job title or department.

Investing in the Employee Experience

During the analyst keynote, Mollie Lombardi, Co-Founder and CEO of Aptitude Research Partners, discussed the importance of strengthening the relationship between employers and employees through "employee experience." Engagement is no longer enough—organizations should also be thinking about experiences, and how to deliver information in a way that's relevant to each employee's personal path.

Dancing With Friends (and Billy Idol)

After a long, productive day, we headed to San Diego's Petco Park to celebrate with none other than famed rockstar Billy Idol. The Client and Partner Appreciation Party was anything but a case of "Dancing With Myself" with more than 2,000 colleagues, partners, clients, and analysts.