Cornerstone U

Allowing Cornerstone administrators to become Cornerstone masters

Choose your learning adventure

Top-notch training to help you learn Cornerstone

We've created a learning ecosystem just for administrators. You have the power to choose a customized learning journey. Find valuable assets every step of the way - like the Client Success Center, informative training, inline and online help, and release readiness support.

Customized Services

Cornerstone U - whatever works for you

Everyone learns differently. Maybe you're a "doer" who learns through practice. Or perhaps you're a social learner who likes brainstorming with like-minded people. We put you in the driver's seat and help you plan the perfect route. Find the training you need at the moment you need it and get guidance on the path that's best for you.

An Amazing Learning Experience

Training that helps you grow

No matter how you're using Cornerstone, find all kinds of learning, 24/7. Visit the Client Success Center as the hub of your learning experience or check out our YouTube channel. Watch targeted micro-training videos, see tips and tricks through inline help, and use online help for every facet of your system. Learn from anywhere, and at your pace.


Spruce up your skills and get recognized

Showcase your Cornerstone skills by earning our professional certification. Become even more valuable to your organization and within your industry.

What happens after implementation?

We'll never forget about you. Immediately after you implement, Cornerstone University will partner with your system administrators to keep them up to date with new functionality, resources, and training. Questions?

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