Celebrating the winners of the 2022 Cornerstone RAVE Awards

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If you’ve ever had the great fortune of attending a Cornerstone Convergence event, you know that a proud display of peer inspiration and customer success are the hallmarks of these annual gatherings. #CornerCon2022 was no different.

Every year, we look forward to placing our customers in the spotlight and honoring those that have showcased creativity and innovation when delivering meaningful outcomes for their people and their organizations. This recognition at Cornerstone Convergence comes in the form of our annual RAVE (Remarkable Achievements and Visionary Elites) Awards, where we have the privilege of naming a select few organizations that have developed and implemented innovative approaches to using Cornerstone solutions.

Narrowing these winners down to just five deserving organizations was challenging. We’re fortunate to have such a large group of contenders — all displaying exceptional work — to choose from.

So, without further ado, your 2022 RAVE Award winners!

People Experience: Excellus BlueCross BlueShield

Accessing the well-being programming in Cornerstone, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield achieved their goals of enhancing employee health and well-being, driving engagement in learning, reinforcing culture and highlighting employee benefits. Utilizing Cornerstone throughout each employee’s well-being journey, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield relied on access to curriculum, tracking, evaluating and reporting to sustain a culture of well-being and engage employees in their health journeys. This support resulted in abundant positive employee feedback and significant increases in program registrations.

Recruitment & Onboarding: Mosaic Life Care

Mosaic Life Care’s goal with Cornerstone was to create a sophisticated bonus structure for recruiters based on tangible goals and drive process improvement with thoughtful data. Merging the data with their HRI into one Enterprise Data Warehouse, Mosaic Life Care was able to successfully slice and dice any data point, and track, trend and set metrics by recruiter.

Learning & Development: University of Georgia

An unconventional use of Cornerstone Learning allowed the University of Georgia Research Occupational Health Program to meet the challenges of rapid growth and expansion in the research enterprise. With the help of Cornerstone Learning, UGA successfully adapted to urgent organizational needs by redefining their learning objects, resulting in an increased service capacity, enhanced quality of the services provided and dramatically improved customer satisfaction, all without additional fiscal resources.

Performance & Career Growth: FirstBank

FirstBank needed a talent management system that would allow their organization to achieve the strategic initiative of creating a talent advantage to differentiate them positively from competitors. Tapping into Cornerstone’s toolkit, FirstBank demonstrated to employees their investment in them as individuals with unique skills, talents, and dreams while keeping their corporate culture front and center. The result? Improved communication and comradery, an increase in internal promotion by 50% and successful implementation of 9-Box Assessments and Succession Management throughout every level of the company to nearly universal acceptance and acclaim.

Content Adoption: Andersen Corporation

Leveraging Cornerstone’s growing Content ecosystem, Andersen Corporation sought innovative ways to increase user engagement with their Cornerstone Content Anytime subscriptions. Utilizing the Learning Calendar and Custom Banners on the Learner Home Page, Andersen Windows increased engagement by more than 150%.

Putting our customers first

Our commitment to keeping our customers at the center of what we do remains strong. Seeing such great success from our partners has only further motivated us here at Cornerstone to continuously seek out new, modern approaches to our offerings to remain a reliable HR technology provider and advisor, constantly uncovering practical ways to turn ideas into realities.

“We are so proud to recognize once again our customers that have continued to make such impressive strides in delivering extraordinary experiences for their people,” shared Cornerstone Chief Customer Officer Toya Del Valle. “It’s an honor to be a partner to so many incredible, like-minded organizations that are committed to transforming their organizations and empowering their people to be their most extraordinary. We look forward to helping our customers stay ahead of the curve and delivering a partner experience they can count on.”

Congratulations to all of our 2022 RAVE Award winners!

To learn more about how Cornerstone customers deliver innovative talent strategies using our solutions, check out the customer success stories in the Cornerstone Resource Corner.

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