Cornerstone OnDemand Helps Hyatt Extend Hospitality to Its Associates

August 12, 2014

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Cornerstone OnDemand Helps Hyatt Extend Hospitality to Its Associates

Global hotel brand creates culture of mobility and continuous career growth to deliver on mission of being hospitality brand of choice for its associates as well as guests

SANTA MONICA, Calif., August 12, 2014 Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ: CSOD) announced today that Hyatt, a leading global hospitality brand, is using Cornerstone’s unified, cloud-based talent management software, including solutions for performance management, succession planning and compensation, to support career growth and mobility among its associates in its Americas region, and to deliver on its mission of being the hospitality brand of choice among colleagues, owners and guests around the world.

With a reputation for being great places to work, Hyatt hotels understand that the key to creating a remarkable guest experience around the world is an engaged, close-knit workforce focused on extending authentic hospitality.1 Hyatt associates can move across the company’s brands and locations — which can help them develop new skills, gain global experience and connect with other associates in the Hyatt family.

With a growing portfolio of hotel brands, Hyatt’s talent team sought to gain a better understanding of its associates in its Americas region in order to respond more quickly to internal demand for talent. Using Cornerstone Performance and Cornerstone Succession, Hyatt is able to more effectively develop these associates throughout their careers by having access to real-time talent and performance data. This allows the talent team to proactively identify high potential associates, source internal talent, provide personalized development experiences and plan for future talent needs.

Facilitating Career Growth Among Associates

Hyatt’s first step using Cornerstone was to create a career resumé and preferences option within Cornerstone Performance, which gave the talent team increased visibility into colleagues’ career preferences and previously hidden pockets of skills and expertise. The company also jumpstarted its talent review process, using the system to facilitate reviews every six months and support individualized career paths — resulting in greater engagement among its associates and better awareness of the opportunities available to them within the organization.

The company is also using Cornerstone Succession to identify ready talent and plan for future leadership and management needs. Within the system, Hyatt created the “People Finder Report,” which shows promotion-ready talent along with their role and location preferences. By having access to this information in real time, Hyatt has experienced a 53 percent increase in movement across its brands and hotels in North America, while significantly decreasing time-to-fill for internal roles from months to days.

Comments on the News

“At Hyatt, we are committed to creating a work environment and culture where our colleagues thrive and are able to focus on creating rich, authentic guest experiences,” said Randy Goldberg, vice president of talent, Hyatt. “Our colleagues are engaged and have a clearer understanding of how they’re contributing value to the company. With Cornerstone, our talent team is able to identify the skills and attributes of our colleagues who are truly making Hyatt hotels great places to work and hotel brands of choice, and support their career development.”

“Hyatt treats its associates as it does its guests — with the utmost hospitality,” said Kirsten Maas Helvey, senior vice president, client success, Cornerstone OnDemand. “With the same energy and passion the company invests in creating positive experiences that make guests want to return again and again, Hyatt truly cares for the success of its people by encouraging them to pursue their career aspirations and providing opportunities for employees to reach their highest potential.”

Additional Resources

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The term “Hyatt” is used in this release for convenience to refer to Hyatt Hotels Corporation or one or more of its affiliates. Hyatt’s Americas region covers the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Cornerstone OnDemand’s software is used in connection with Hyatt’s corporate offices and managed hotel locations in the Americas region.

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