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The top stories HR pros need to know this week.

The tech world has spent the week holed up in Las Vegas at the annual Consumer Electronics Show. Blake McCammon reports on the biggest trends facing HR, including voice recognition security measures and the marriage of wearable tech with wellness programs.

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Where Women Work

This geographic look at where women are most often employed paints a fascinating picture about wealth, poverty and gender dynamics in the United States.

See the full interactive graphic from the New York Times.

MOOCs + Mobile = Happy Employees

Younger employees want to continue their education beyond school and into the workplace, and are more likely to stay at a company that supports continued learning opportunities, according to research. This is especially true of companies that offer MOOCs (massive open online courses) and are mobile-savvy.

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Hit Snooze to Work Better

It’s no secret that most of us should be getting more sleep, but it’s not always easy to clock in those extra hours of shuteye. A new study from UPenn suggests that starting the work day later is the secret to getting more rest.

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Are Employers Scared of PhDs?

As prioritizing "cultural fit" in hiring gains more and more traction, venture capitalist Michael Staton finds that start-ups increasingly overlook — and are even turned off by — candidates with high-level degrees.

Learn more at Harvard Business Review.

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E-bok: Skapa engagerade superchefer


E-bok: Skapa engagerade superchefer

Anställda slutar inte för att de inte gillar jobbet, utan för att de inte gillar chefen. Det är dåliga nyheter för organisationer som investerat stora summor på innovation och satsar på att bli kvar länge på marknaden. Humankapitalet är en organisations mest värdefulla resurs – en hög personalomsättning kostar inte bara mycket när det gäller att rekrytera och utbilda ersättare, utan också i form av förlorad produktivitet.

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